Image size and pixels? What are those?

Image size and pixels? What are those?

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Fair warning: this article is written specifically for the uninitiated in Photoshop or graphic design in general.

What does the term “image size” refer to?

Usually, when you hear or read people talking about “image size”, it refers to one of two things.

One, image size in terms of the image data that is being stored in the computer. It is measured in “bytes”, and for images you will usually see it is indicated as KB (kilobytes) or MB (megabytes). When you produce an image that you want to upload and publish somewhere on the Internet, say for instance on your own website, you might want to ensure that your image is not too large in terms of byte-size because an image that is too large (usually more than 1MB is considered large for Internet use) will take longer time to upload and download. Hence, using a large image on your website would mean that your website is going to take a lot longer to load. Your clients don’t like waiting.

Two, image size in terms of its dimensions. Yes, it’s probably better to use the term “image dimensions”. Image size in terms of image dimensions refers to exactly that: the dimensions of the image, its width and its height. For digital images (images that you store and use electronically – as opposed to it being printed out), the width and height is measured in a unit of measurement called “pixels”. What are pixels? If you want to get technical, read this definition from Wikipedia here. But in layman terms, imagine a pixel as a single dot on your monitor. Digital displays are constructed of these dots. So, a picture with a width of 800px (“px” is short for “pixels”) means that the width of the image takes up 800 dots across your display. If your display has a resolution of 1600px in width, it means the picture will fill up exactly half of your screen. Get the picture?

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