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Basic Membership Database System

Basic Membership Database System This Basic Membership Database System is a basic system for clubs and small organizations to maintain a database of their members. This can also be used by small businesses to maintain their customer database. With this system, you can easily maintain a record of your members or clients, and you can […]

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Simple One-Page Online Registration Form

Simple One Page Online Registration Form This is a sample of a simple one-page online registration form. It is a simple and straight-forward way to perform registration, or even take polls, or take feedbacks. The one-page and straight-forward design means it is easy to understand and easy to fill up. You can have a wide […]

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Advanced Membership Database System

Advanced Membership Database System This system is a thorough upgrade from the Basic Membership Database System. For club and organization leaders, this is the system that will help manage all your membership records requirements. You will no longer have any problem pulling a member’s records, managing membership information, keeping track of membership progress and activities. […]

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Website Kids Spa Experimental Project

Website for Kids’ Spa Experimental Project This was a website we developed for an experimental project, a Kids’ Spa. The website is simple but colourful and with a touch of fun, themed exactly for kids. The website contains all the basic contents: about the business, the services and packages available, and contact section. This website […]

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Website for IIUM’s Faculty of Architecture This was a website we developed for IIUM’s Faculty of Architecture several years back. It’s not active as IIUM is now using a different version of website. This template and design is available for any who wants to use it, we can fully customize and re-design according to your […]