Simple One-Page Online Registration Form

Simple One-Page Online Registration Form

Simple One Page Online Registration Form

This is a sample of a simple one-page online registration form. It is a simple and straight-forward way to perform registration, or even take polls, or take feedbacks. The one-page and straight-forward design means it is easy to understand and easy to fill up. You can have a wide range of functions with this online form template.

You can capture any amount of information with this form, even ask the user to upload pictures or documents. In this sample, we even automatically calculate the price that the user will have to pay based upon the selections that they make.

The contents can be saved in a database or sent directly to your email.

This one page registration form is ideal if you require any simple online registration process, online poll or online feedback. It is simple and no hassle, just a one page that needs to be filled so the user can just quickly fill the form and submit to you.

We can fully customize the contents of this form to meet your requirements.

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