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5 Reasons You Still Need A Website In 2022

Date: 19 Feb 2022 | Author: Naim Zulkipli
5 Reasons You Still Need A Website In 2022

It's the year 2022 and it's probably just stating the obvious when I say that social media and mobile apps (especially online marketplaces) are all the craze nowadays. Almost everyone is on social media, and every business is getting on online marketplaces. Facebook, as arguably the mother of all social medias, is constantly evolving and changing in order to keep with the changing demands and demographics of online users and making them always relevant.

Social media and mobile apps have gotten so popular that some people may have claimed that businesses and organizations nowadays no longer need a website. Well, that couldn't be more wrong. A website is still very much one of the most important asset for a business or an organization. Below are five reasons why you would still need a website in 2022.


If you're reading a lot of articles on the reasons why you should get a website, this one should sound familiar. Your website is yours. Social media sites and online marketplaces are not yours. With social media sites and mobile apps, you are bound to their rules and restrictions. There are limitations to what and how you can present information on social media sites, as opposed to your own website. Also, with social media sites, you have no control and say as to how long the site will remain in operation. Remember Friendster?

[Reason 2] LOCAL SEO

A website will give you better local SEO rankings. Having your own website is important for your online presence. A solid online presence will give you the opportunity to have good local SEO rankings, which is important if you're looking to drive potential local customers to your business.


Your website is your true virtual, online office. It's the one stop centre where you can publish and display everything you want your clients and partners to know. All your social media sites and online marketplaces should link to this central online office of yours, where all the information is about you only and not shared with other businesses.


Having your own website is imperative for your branding. As mentioned in reason #3 above, it is your online office where you can present all the information you want to present, in the way that you want it to be presented. By having your own website also means your own domain name, customized links, and your own corporate e-mail address.


Your website is very important because your customers expect you to have one. When people want to seek information regarding your business or organization, they will first look for your website. This is especially true for corporate customers. Your own website gives you credibility, which is usually what corporate customers look for.

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